Rock Climbing in Watford

If you are looking for a new challenge then why not try out climbing wall in Watford. You’ll work your entire body, including your mind, make yourself feel great, and maybe make some friends when climbing!


When you’re climbing up a wall, you use your arms and upper body to pull yourself up to the next hold and your legs to push yourself higher. It’s clearly a great workout for arms and legs. But it also works your core! It’s important to engage your core muscles as you climb to support your arms and legs. It also works muscles in your hands and fingers. Rock climbing is a full-body workout!


Climbing just makes you feel good. Not just in the long term when you start to see the results on your muscle tone, you can feel the results while climbing or soon after! Of course you get a rush when you complete a climb, especially one you felt that you might not be able to do. There’s a feeling of accomplishment, mixed with happiness and pride.

Watford Leisure Centre Central

Watford Leisure Centre Central

Set in the heart of Watford, Hertfordshire, Watford Leisure Centre Central offers a fantastic mix of activities from gym to swim, group exercise to sports, climbing to relaxing. No matter what type of activity you are looking for Watford Leisure Centre Central has the answer. The swimming pools offer a range of wet activities including our award winning swim school, the gym is stocked with the very latest in fitness equipment...
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