“Water Of Life”, Whiskey



Everything About “Water Of Life”, Whiskey

What does “water of life,” “uisge-beatha,” and “uisce beatha or fuisce” refers to? Unable to pronounce or articulate these words? Ok…let me give you a more common and easy to say word, Whiskey. Yes…all these words signify whiskey. Origin of whiskey dates back to early 14th century in Scotland. However, it is more popular almost throughout the world now. It is believed that taste of whiskey is almost the same as how it was earlier, that is, 14th century. The main reason for maintaining the same taste is because whiskey manufacturers believe in heritage. Due to this, they will go for the extra mile to get the same flavor, as it was centuries back.

Can you think of any one occasion without whiskey? Thinking…unable to find out, yes…whiskey has truly become a part of our lives. Go to any restaurant, you will definitely see a signboard saying “Bar, this way” or “Bar attached.” Take weddings, ceremonies or for that matter, any occasion, you will definitely find whiskey. In weddings, you might have seen both bride and the bridegroom drinking whiskey. Have you ever thought why do they do this? It is to indicate a long lasting relationship. Do you want to become friends with someone? Simply serve them whisky.

What are the various other uses of whiskey? Let me list out a few. A party at your home or workplace, you serve whiskey to your friends and employees. You had a hard day at your workplace, I’m sure you will take a sip of whiskey to relax yourself.

Serve whiskey in combination with ice cubes and see, an exciting and exhilarating combination. A nickname for this combination is “whiskey on the rocks.” Whiskey is considered to be a strong drink. When ice cubes are added to it, it helps in taking away some potent substance from it.

Few variations of whiskey include Scottish whiskey,  Irish whiskey, Welsh whiskey, and Jack Daniels. As whiskey originated in Scotland, Scottish whiskies are more popular throughout the world than any other brands. People in the States prefer Jack Daniels and goes well with Coke. Almost 90% of the restaurants and bars in the United States serve Jack Daniels, In UK Grouse is well known,

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There might be different types of alcohol; however, easy to locate and use is only whiskey. Just a sip of whiskey every day will make you feel and look fresh



Scotch – The Taste Begins Here!

Ever noticed whenever there is a party or if you hear of a fun experience in a pub, where there is a lot of dance action the good old scotch is given the back seat by the young partygoers. It is always the well-known rum or vodka based cocktails or the plain mock tails or the bar tender’s special concoctions made spontaneously at the time of the order; that are clear favorites nowadays. People have this notion that only sweet alcoholic drinks can give you that extra energy to go that extra mile or do that extra dance step that can impress that special someone. Well, scotch based cocktails can be sweet too!

What is being missed out here, is that scotch can be as important as a cocktail base as rum. How many of you out there know this fact? Partying trends suggest that mixing scotch with a sweetening additive like sugar or sugar-based syrups to make a cocktail is best left as an unheard of concept.

One fact that everybody who has walked this planet and tasted that strange tasting nectar from Scotland will agree on, is the unassuming potency of the drink (scotch). This drink if taken in tasteful measures can bring the party goers and ultimately the party itself to a crescendo that few drinks can match and remarkably so in a relatively short amount of time.

The next best complain would be that scotch is best tasted dry. That is without ice. Ever heard of a drink called ‘Rusty Nail’? The making of this drink starts off, is with ice being filled to the brim of the glass. Then half an ounce of Drambuie is added along with one and a half ounce of scotch and finally, as a garnish, a lemon peel twist is added as beautification of the drink and also for the flavoring. This is not to be mistaken for an elderly or a back seat drink so to speak. This is an alcoholic beverage that is sure to give the young yuppies a reason to start experimenting with scotch and discover the true spirit of fine drinking.

Do not stop there, here are a couple of more reasons to start appreciating the ‘old man’s drink’.

Whiskey sour is a very popular drink that is enjoyed by all the classes and the masses of every generation. The magic ingredients that go into making this popular drink are two ounces of scotch, whiskey, juice squeezed out of half a lemon, one small cherry, half a table spoon of sugar and finally one half of a slice of lemon.


The next drink is designed ideally for the young crowd, who would like to gulp down a drink and get back to the dance floor as fast as possible. This drink is what you would call a quick fix. Use one ounce of scotch whiskey and three fourth of an ounce of vermouth, which is sweet. You now just stir the contents that have been premixed with ice cubes and then strain this into a cocktail glass. This is simple and is named simply – Rob Roy.



A Blue Labeled Gossip

How would you react to the situation when one of your friends comes to you and say “Hey Buddy! Johnny Walker is discontinuing their costliest brand Blue Label and no one knows why”? People who really know their drink would just ignore the statement as if something really big as that has to happen, there will be a strong reason. Let us find out reasons as to why this brand is as precious as blue sapphire.

This blend is a rare masterpiece when compared to other whiskeys and it is a bit tough to get hold of a bottle due its value and uniqueness. But whatever is the case, none of this matters if you are a sipper and collector of fine spirits.

Sir John Walker’s existence of over 200 years marked the birth of this blend. With young malts and grains blended together, this drink becomes a little mellower. Like some older whiskeys, this blend was to be reminiscent of the blends in the early 19th century.

To identify a master piece or a gem, you don’t have to compulsorily see it in writing. Similarly, in the case of this blue blend, the label does not come with the age specified. This should not be mistaken for poor quality. There is a reason as to why the age of this product is not specified. One bottle of the brand in question contains over 16 different single malt blends and aged whiskeys and the age of the youngest whiskey added is still a mystery.


Now, let us get back to the gossip, i.e.; Blue Label being discontinued. This rumor in every way remains a rumor. It can be confirmed in capital, JOHNNY WALKER BLUE LABEL IS NOT GOING TO BE DISCONTINUED. The green and the Red might have enjoyed a huge amount of publicity but blue should not be mistaken for a slouch.

In this line up of the walker brand, blue is the costliest of the lot at 200$ a bottle. The malts and grains added to this blend takes a long time to mature making it very easy to be sold out and run out of stock. The blue label and its counterparts can always be adjusted according to available stock.


Since the process of blending is a continual one, the blenders will enjoy a busy time for a long period, especially if the stock is over abundant. Running out of stock does not happen overnight. The budding and young malts become wise and old and are replaced with new fillings.

Scotland will continue to produce rare and fine scotch and Johnny Walker will remain to be a part of this wonderful game. You can sit back and relax now, this blend is still right there with us.



Bourbon – The Early Days

There is no doubt that the Scottish were the certified leaders in Whiskey making and they produced the best drink on earth, but those were the earlier days and now these leaders are facing strong competition from the Americans. The American Whiskey also known as Bourbon whiskey was first made in Kentucky situated in East Central US.

The farmers and the folk of Georgetown in Kentucky were the privileged first to have seen the inaugural days of this beautiful drink. This was first introduced by a Baptist minister named Elijah Craig in the late years of the 18th Century. History tells us that Abraham Lincoln’s father was actively involved in this process.

The secret of this trade was passed to the North Americans by the Europeans who migrated during the late days of the 18th century. This resulted in large-scale production of the Bourbon drink. The government passed the law to levy taxes on Whiskey and its sales, which resulted in the Whiskey Rebellion in 1791.


Tax evasion was the immediate answer for many to this problem and the best place they found for this act were the Kentucky Mountains where they could hide from the so-called tax collectors. This paved way for Kentucky to become the largest producer and distiller of Bourbon, today, producing eighty percent of the volume in North America. It was in 1758 and after a royal family from France that this drink was branded.

The French supported the Americans in their fight for independence from the British and as a tribute the newly developed lands in America were written in French. Kentucky lost the status of a separate state and was renamed Kentucky district of Virginia in 1758.

The business did not just stay in Kentucky but was expanded. The whiskeys were exported to New Orleans down the Ohio River. In 1789, the Mason County, Virginia, was forged by North Eastern and Limestone Counties.

Blending and brewing Scotch involves a lot of restrictions and regulations. This is the same with Bourbon but comparatively and arguably less. The ingredients include brew to be made mandatory from 51% corn. Barley wheat and rye can be used to blend the product. Proof should read 80-160%.

This Kentucky gold is known for its sweet taste and soft texture, which increases with the percentage of corn present. The process of making this involves corn to be distilled in a continual still, and then be filled into casks made of oak for maturing for not less than two years. This whiskey is popular today for its taste, which would not have been possible without these regulations.

Did you know that there are no distilleries operating in Bourbon County, Kentucky and is a dry county with no liquor being legally served?



American Scotch Whiskey

Once impudently immigrants like the Irish and Scottish people sought on settling on American soil they imparted into the country the methods of distilling their native beverage scotch whiskey. Discovering the untested indigenous materials from the natural habitat of their settlements. They were not accustomed these fresh finds, which in turn conducted a new approach in giving rise on the evolution of modern scotch, simply dabbed as whiskey. Nowadays whenever you chance some kindred between Irish whiskey and Scottish whiskey, and its today American version you would personify someone more advanced than the connoisseurs and experts.

The fuller, stronger and tastes sweeter detected in the whiskey of American is an outcome from deficiency of fume in the drying procedure of granulates that may or may not include corns. There are six distinct classes which American whiskey is fractioned in. This is an orchestrate effect of the dissimilar maturating times and well-balanced quantities of granulates used in every last batch of the American version of whiskey.

The half dozen variant of the all American brewages are the following:

  • Rye whiskey
  • Wheat
  • Tennessee
  • Bourbon
  • Blended whiskey
  • Corn whiskey

Rye and Wheat Whiskey

Broadly speaking rye whiskey constitutes blended products to produce different characters of whiskeys. Exclusively a really diminished destiny of this whiskey is in reality bottled. It should be drawn from at minimum 51 percent rye appropriate to be viewed as rye whiskey. The extracting and storing considerations match the equivalent essentials every bit like Bourbon technique. Largely produced in the provinces of Indiana and Bluegrass State, Kentucky, it is a bit unusual because it has a small hint of bitterness and more compelling taste.


Tennessee Whiskey

There are a couple of deviations between Tennessee and Bourbon. They are really intimately kindred. Tennessee must all of the time be filtered by sugar maple wood coal, and may entirely be created in the land of Tennessee, therefore they are identified after the state. Presently there are just 2 brand name of this whiskey for sale namely Jack Daniels and George Dickel.


Bourbon Whiskey

Bourbon whiskey is considered to be acquired exclusively in Kentucky, which equals myth it has kept up production in several states. Specifications for making bourbon are elementary. It must be produced in the U.S.A., should simply comprise the 51 percent corn ingredients, and must solely be stored in barrels made from charred oak for a time period not less than 2 years. The flavor in its crude form could not go past 80 percent alcohol in intensity.


Blended Or Mixed American Whiskey

You must not be mixed up in deviations of Scottish whiskey and blended whiskey. In general, American whiskey only bears rye in roughly 20 percent and bourbon whiskey, an industrial “spirit” in mass production, accounts for the 80 percent in the beverage. This brands the merchandise really inexpensive and practically gentler than its American counterparts.


Corn Whiskey

Attributed to the intense excess of corn crops harvest across the US, it became an evident selection to exploit corn in whiskey distillery. Soon enough, this new formulation became the predecessor Bourbon. Since adopted corn is the primary element with almost 80 percent. The departure between corn whiskey and the original Bourbon is the requirements and rule of storage changed. With this type of whiskey, storage is as simple as simply putting it inside an average bottle, fashioning the mandatory charred oak wood casks unnecessary. But as for preferences go, ageing it still involves the original Bourbon casks or barrels but it should have been uncharred.



Worldwide Whiskeys – Trivia That Any Whiskey Lovers Must

Know About

Casting out a superior malt whiskey product is something Scotland holds no monopoly upon. Intoxicating liquor realm has been embarked into from several other nations across the world. To cite one, Canada is one the courageous territory. The whiskeys produced by Canadian are leading off to muster up on adaptations which boasts distinct characteristics and boldly tasteful on the discriminating taste buds.

Canadian ordinances abide by stern compliance enforced upon these hard drink. They are distilling processed and bottle contained within no less than twenty-four months prior to consumption. Typically, not sooner than half a dozen years or a lot are often lengthier than that nowadays when bottling is set.

they are mixed, thus in that sense are not celebrated as full-strength whiskies. Their boldness and lightness in spirit manage to preserve an absolute distinguishing consistency and quality. The authorities of Canada execute strict check of labeling and the Excise taxation.


Thus far, no specifications are constructed in replacement for the granulate recipes or distilling methods. Nor have in that respect been in reference to the aging components or time estimates been decreed or regulated. Reliance is willed to however the manufacturers of this merchandise influence their markets overseas and locally desire upon product. This act by the authorities testifies to embody a diplomatic decisiveness since the Canadian manufacturers appear to possess a substantial hold in every last markets and domains.

It might not hail as a surprise that brands encountered in the U.S.A. for distillery purpose is very much a basic deal. The exclusive exception of the function of cereal granulates and a few commercial secrets are the markers on product. Not confronted with contrived validation prohibition in their distillation operations, Canadian distillers are competent to pursue uninterrupted distillation schemes. They proceed under stipulations that are best as the breakup and extract of suitable congeners.


The kinship between hard drink spirits as opposed to the congeners is in no means blemished though in the fermentation grind solution. The caskfuls are constructed from white oak. They are ranked in US gallons full-blown cooperage checks rapport of the fine-grained whiskies. Matchless fine product cloak-and-dagger is in the exquisite tang and dimensions in ripening batches cooperage.

Sir Joseph Seagram was accountable for spelling away this skillful technique. In the year 1911, he resolved that a befitting whiskey had better be conjured for his son’s marriage ceremony day. His ingenious mix came to existence best known as Seagram’s V.O or very own whiskey since it is recognized in those regions. Solely purebred grains and the top-quality from spring water were utilized to concoct this extraordinary and audacious whiskey. The same technique is nevertheless applied when creating this blend.

The superior blender owns at his administration over 2,000 selection and premium-seasoned footings that he could pick out from for his mysterious and delicious blends.


Ageless Secret Of Whiskey – Discover The Rich History

In the year 800 B.C. a wonderful discovery took place in Asia. Refuted claims that the process of distillation was first used for perfumes is now the same technique utilized in producing whisky.

No one really has any idea how this technique reached the shores of the British Isles. Yet, Moors mostly take credit for bring it to Europe. It was further developed by monks in the monasteries of the central parts. In the year 432 AD St. Patrick, an Ireland patron saint adopted this method and refined it in the monastery. Eventually, the Celtics was able to get into the cloak-and-dagger of the monks, which made them learned on the skill as well. Gaelic word “Uisge Beatha”, meaning water of life was the offshoot of this knowledge.


Uisge is where scotch whiskey originated. This was coined from this Gaelic word. It is not a wonder why the name came about. It was in the year 1494 that a Friar named John Cor arranged to have 8 bolls of malt. This is a component used in producing strong liquor. This was the evidence that supports whiskey production in Scotland in those early years.

Without a moment’s notice, distilling spread outside the walls of the monasteries. This paved the way for killing the monopoly of the missionaries on whiskey production. More and more people enjoyed making and drinking it at the same time. This became somewhat destructing to the general productivity of farmers and other workers alike. The after effects of dowsing too much liquor is drunkenness and a bad hangover. That’s why the government took it upon themselves to ban homemade production of distilled liquor. They awarded manufacture to private entrepreneurs provided they have a license. This all took place in 1820.


As time progressed, so did the technique of distillation. Makers found out that aging it smoothens the brew. This wonderful discovery was accidental when a barrel full of whiskey got lost in time. By the time it was found the ripeness and fullness of flavor was astounding. Thus began the new chapter in history.

In the history pages of whiskery, it’s not all pleasant. Because this is the most coveted liquid governments had a hard time regulating it. To keep citizens from consuming too much preventive methods like taxes were imposed on it like in 1725, English malt tax. But, the more it became illegal the more bloodshed spread throughout the nation. From smuggling to unlawful distilleries were rampant and taking over like a plague.
They devised ways to sell it to the public without permit from the government by using different labels or placing no labels on their liquors at all. In turn, law enforcers exploited their tactics as a tool to capture those outlaws to contain the increase of these types of criminal activities.

The dark history of this beverage was just part of why whiskey is celebrated by alcoholics from the time it was introduced back in 1820’s in the marks of Britain. Blending whiskey with other non-alcoholic or another form of alcohol is the reason why it is mostly preferred by consumers. Scotch whiskey is a household name that evokes an arousing sensation when in the form of blends. This same reason elevates its status to a higher degree, and with the malt being developed more and more each day, no doubt that there are a lot more to expect in the coming years.


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