Asda PS5 consoles sell out as Argos set to be next UK retailer with stock

The PlayStation5 is the most sought-after gadget on the planet right now with gamers desperately trying to get their hands on a new console.

Following its November release, Brits have found it nearly impossible to find Sony’s latest gaming console – so many were delighted when Asda confirmed more stock would be dropping online this morning.

However, the new consoles sold out in around a minute after landing on the site.

Anger as Asda PS5 stock sells out

Many customers were left disappointed after the quickly selling PS5s were labelled as “out of stock”.

One wrote on Twitter: “Out of stock one minute after stock drop! Something very wrong with all of this Asda.”

While another added: “There is no way they all sold out that quick without bots.”

Another frustrated customer said: “Asda didn’t coat themselves in any glory with this one.

“No queue, no verification, no policies in place.

“Just chuck them online and let the quickest bot take them all.”

Where can you get a PS5 in the UK?

So where can people get a PS5 in the UK?

According to a post by verified Twitter account PS% Stock UK, the next place to keep an eye on is Argos.

They reported that Argos received a shipment of PS5s, both disc and digital editions, last week.

The shipments are being prepared and are expected to drop on Wednesday.

The post said: “A few warehouses have received shipments of PS5s, both disc and digital editions, with the remaining warehouses expected to receive shipments by the end of this week.

“Sales to the public are expected around October 20.”

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