Memories of WH Smith in Watford High Street

Yesterday’s town centre memory was a view ‘up’ Watford High Street from Market Place in the 1970s. Today, we look back at the same row of shops featuring a popular newsagent and stationery shop from a different vantage point in the town’s past.

Many of us will be visiting the town centre to buy our gifts in the build up to December 25, but many of the shops we remember fondly have changed or disappeared altogether.

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With the help of Watford Museum and its volunteer archivist Christine Orchard, we are looking back at some of those favourite shops and High Street scenes so many of us remember as the countdown to Christmas Day continues.

Watford Observer:

This view of High Street was taken from between Clarendon Road and Market Place and on the left you can see shops including Saxone and the town centre branch of WH Smith so many readers will remember.

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