Bird house feeder

You’ve got to give it up for Mother Nature. She has created a great variety of creatures for us to enjoy as the seasons change. Currently we’re enjoying the springtime. I admire this season in particular because it’s when all the birds, butterflies and bunny rabbits appear. I can survey my back yard and spot all sorts of creatures loving their environment. This is partially due to the bird house feeder draped from a tree limb and the carrots my daughter scattered about the lawn. If there’s one thing that draws in wildlife, it’s food. Because just like us, they all have to eat. You’d show up too if the food was free.

Ever since I was a young boy, I’ve loved nature. This is why I purposely put out squirrel feeders, bird bathes, and endless birdseed. If you offer it, they will come. Even right this very moment I can see six robins on my large bird house feeder. They are grouped around it for lunch time. And from the size of their stomachs, they definitely get plenty to eat. But I don’t stop there. While my humming bird feeder is bare right now, the little ones will certainly show up soon. They do every year. And the squirrels make appearances year-round. I suggest you try a squirrel feeder with an ear of dried corn. You can literally watch them sit in a chair and eat the corn like they’re sitting down to dinner. It’s hilarious and entertaining as ever. However, my personal favorite is the small bird house feeder that my daughter constructed on her own. It just goes to show that birds are not too picky. Although the house is lopsided and odd looking, they flock to it the same for an array of birdseed.

Adding a birdhouse or bird-feeder to your yard doesn’t have to cost you much. Check out the variety offered at any garden centre in Britain. Pretty much what ever you’re searching for can be found in these grand home stores. And for a more distinct flavor, you may want to check out one of the numerous bird house stores. These are available online and possibly even in your area. I have one just down the street. Needless to say, In England we love our birds and wildlife. Bring nature into your backyard!